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Recently I heard from one of the authenticate sources that indoor air quality is much more deteriorate than outside air. I am astonished but yes it’s true. The atmosphere in which you and your children are breathing is not safe enough. We spend so many hours inside our house and office since we are unaware of the quality of indoor air. Indoor air pollution can cause serious health problems like asthma, allergies, and heart-related diseases. Then what we should do to make our indoor air clean and safe to breathe?

[1] Arrange proper ventilation

Proper air ventilation allows outside air to come-in and let flew the inside polluted air outside. Proper air circulation makes your inside environment less harmful.

Proper flow of outside air avoids typical indoor smells. Sun rays have so much power we should take maximum benefits from those early morning rays.

Closed doors and windows for more than few hours make you feel suffocated.

Moreover, it detached you from the beautiful natural environment.

Just peeping out from the window or door few times a day makes you feel refreshed and energetic.

So, ensure proper air circulation to your cubicles.

[2] Avoid carpets

Indoor carpets are the big source of air pollution. Carpets absorb dust, falling food, germs, hair and other small insects. You might not get enough time to clean it regularly so better avoid carpeting.

And if you don’t want to take off your carpet then use washable carpet. Wash it often. Otherwise, you can also change it often if you can afford to do so.

Here, you can check for more carpet cleaning tips.

[3] It’s time to switch off your air conditioner.

I know we can’t live without the air conditioner. It is one of the basic needs now. But the most common indoor air polluter is air condition. You might feel cool inside when it is 45 degree Celsius outside. But it causes harmful effects to your body. Ac makes the entire environment dry and murky. Too much dryness makes your eyes dry and it is also responsible for arthritis. You can check here, how the air conditioner is harmful to your health.

Turn off your ac for a few hours in a day. If you can’t switch off then go outside to take fresh natural air.

[4] Avoid indoor smoking

Smoking flames cause serious health problems. Especially when you smoke indoor the smoke pollutes the air and it makes entire indoor air quality unsafe to breathe. It is deadly for Asthma patients. Indoor smoking habits definitely damage smoker’s health but it also damages the overall air quality and ultimately the health of surrounded people.

[5] Top floors are not bad option

When you planning your new home or your new office choose top floors. I know lots of things have to be considered before selecting the new home and office but ponder on good quality air as one of the most important factors. As you go up the quality of air improves. you can have your best creative ideas when you live in the fresh environment. The quality of thoughts improves. Every morning you feel refreshed and energies. Your productivity also improves.

[6] Add some greeneries

Trees and plants generate more oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide. It makes the air pure and safe to breathe. It takes away the harmful gases away and gives us fresh air. Moreover, it is good to grow plants inside. It produces positive vibes around the area. Here, is the list of the plants which you can grow indoors. It just required little space in your home. Nurture plants with love and care to reap the lifelong benefits.

[7] Use Exhaust fans and Chimney

Exhaust fans maintain the air quality and keep the impurities and bad odors away. Exhaust fans help to proper ventilation of your room. Domestic exhaust fans make your surrounded air clean and safe.

To avoid bad odors and flames of fried oil chimney helps you in this case. Chimney makes your kitchen odor-free. you would like to go into the kitchen and you can stay in the kitchen while the food is cooked. Otherwise, it is unbearable to spend a few hours in the kitchen to make new recipes. Good ventilation in the kitchen area is crucial to avoid long-term health problems.

[8] Avoid Paraffin candles

Most candles are made from paraffin wax. Paraffin wax generates a high amount of toxins when burned. The flames of paraffin wax are similar to flames of diesel fuel. Now, you can realize how harmful can it be to use paraffin candles. Use soot free candles. Soot free candles use soy wax so, it is carbon free. Soy candles are strong scented, natural and long lasting.

[9] Fix the water leakage without delay

Never ignore the indoor water leakage. It adds more moisture and humidity in the indoor air which is not good for asthma patients. Moreover, it causes skin irritation and fungal infection. Ensure the leak-proof ceiling and take precautions to prevent air humidity.

[10] Use Air purifies

The air purifier is the best way to improve indoor air quality. These devices are beneficial for asthma patients, prevents skin diseases and allergies. It also reduces the tobacco smoke. It removes impurities and CO2 from the air makes the entire environment fresh and clean.

[11] Regular dusting

Regular dusting is necessary to remove dust accumulation. Cleaning must be the daily routine. The corners, furniture, ceiling, walls must be dirt free. When your surrounded area is clean only then you can breathe fresh. Don’t miss out any nooks and corners to clean.

[12] Avoid usage of plastics

Cloth bags and paper bags are on new trends. Use products which are reusable and environment-friendly. Plastic waste creates soil pollution, water pollution and air pollution. Live a sustainable life which adds value and meaning.

These small steps can make huge differences. Follow these steps to make your indoor air clean and healthy. Live a better life and make it better for your dear ones.

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