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I know you have lots of stuff to take care of. Mostly, the reason behind self-health negligence is a limited time.

But you may find enough time for social media gossip. Right?

Well, don’t be insecure!

Mostly All like to spend their free time on social media. Statistics showed that on an average people spend 200 minutes a day on mobile apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, music etc while it is 300 minutes a day in the US.

The crux is to utilize your free time more vigorously. You can make the best of your free time by following few daily healthy habits. It won’t take much of your time, but it definitely fills you up with happiness and gives you numerous health benefits for the rest of your life.

Successful people are also recognized for their healthy habits. Self care gives meaning to a life. Follow your dreams, but not at the cost of your health. So here are 21 daily healthy habits which you should adopt in your daily life.

[1] Exercise for 30 minutes each day

Early morning exercise has myriad health benefits. A brisk walk is the best aerobic exercise. Yoga and meditation is an alternative form of exercise. Yoga helps to improve strength and flexibility while meditation helps to diminish mental stress and anxiety. Morning exercise keeps you energized for the whole day. Moreover, morning environment is the best environment to breathe.

[2] Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar

Because breakfast is the first meal of the day after 8 to 10 hours of starving. So, you must take nutritious breakfast to maintain the energy level throughout the day. Moreover, it also helps in weight loss.

To fill up the noon you should take moderate lunch smaller than breakfast and larger than dinner.

A heavy meal at night cause sleeping problems and one of the reasons for weight gain. So, avoid heavy meals at night.

[3] Add seasonal and local food in your diet

Seasonal food is freshly produced in your area so, you are eating fresh. The Second is seasonal food help you in adjusting to the changing weather at your place.

For an example in India during summer fruits like Mango, watermelon etc. You must know your local and seasonal harvest food.

One must try foods of various countries, but the local harvest food is best for you.

[4] Find time for prayer each day

Prayers have tremendous powers. Prayer makes your mind calm, reduces your stress and connecting you to other people in your religious community. Everyday prayer makes your soul holy because confession relieves you from the pain of guilt and it is the best way to express your emotions to the god.

[5] Read books

Make a habit of reading books. Reading develop the imagination power. Choose the one which you like the most. It doesn’t matter whether it is dramatic, comic, motivational or horror. Reading keeps your mind involved. And of course, it is a much better option than surfing social media. You can also read a book while traveling, while waiting for someone at the airport or while waiting in any queue.

[6] Take 8 hours of adequate sleep

Inadequate sleep leads to digesting problems, mood disorders, diabetes and heart disease. Insomniacs are the most stressed people. Inadequate sleep weakened the immunity power so you would often be affected by the flu or cold. Memory power and concentration power also adversely affected due to insufficient sleep. So take good night sleep and follow the rules of sleep hygiene.
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[7] Cook daily.

Eat fresh. Remember “You are what you eat.” Never compromise in your food intakes. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and homemade fresh food. Avoid processed food, sugary food, junk food and sweet carbonated beverages. Find time for cooking every day to live a healthy life forever.

[8] Don’t waste your precious time and energy on gossip

How nasty that people like to spend their precious time on gossiping! Not only females, men are also tattling equally. Turn your gossip into a healthy discussion. Gossip isn’t always rotten, but make sure it is productive.

[9] Spend time with family

Time is the best gift you can give to your family. Few minutes a day talking with your parents and playing with your kids improves the bonding in your relations. You can help your mother in the kitchen or you can help your father in repairing his old radio. Spend quality time with family members.
Here, you can check 8 ways to make your family happy.

[10] Donate something to others each day

It is your duty to donate something to others every day. It doesn’t matter whether you give food, money or your old torn shawl. It is our duty to help the needy people.

[11] Smirking face

Smiling face wins many hearts. Always wear a smile on your face. It is the best ornament for your face. It makes you beautiful and others also like to talk with you.

[12] Eager to learn new things

Develop the attitude of learning new things daily. At the end of the day think which new thing you learn today. Anyone can teach you great lessons of life. Make sure your eyes, mind and heart open to learn new things.

[13] Devote time for hobbies

You must devote time to such activities which makes you happy. For me it is writing and reading for you it may be sports, music or dance. Spend your spare time more creatively.

[14] Plan your meals

It is essential to plan meals prior. Meal planning has umpteen benefits. It definitely helps you in weight loss. Moreover, it saves your time, to ignore last minute stress, to know the shopping list in advance. It is one of the healthy habits to follow every day.

[15] Balanced life

It is something in context with regularity. You must have regularity in your life. Regularity improves your immunity power and keeps you healthy always. It is also the secret to live 100 years happily. You can notice your grandparents always have fixed time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleeping, wake up. They never like to compromise in their timings. So, regularity is must to live a healthy life.

[16] Hygiene

Hygiene is performing a significant role in healthy life. Keep yourself and your surrounded area always clean and tidy. Wash your hands often, especially after sanitation and before taking the meal. Always keep sanitizer handy.

[17] Drink a cup of milk

Everyday milk drinkers have strong bones and a sharp mind. Milk improves calcium level and immunity of the body. It is also stressed reliever and skin tonic.

[18] Avoid distractions while driving

Always drive safely. Keep your phone turn off while driving. Avoid talking while driving. Never ever drive when you are drunk. While driving keep your 100% focus on driving only. Drive slowly and follow all the traffic rules.

[19] Start your day with water

To flush out toxins from the body and for the smooth functioning of organs, you must start your day with a glass of water. It helps to produce new blood cells and improve metabolism level of the body. So, it helps in weight loss and digesting nutrients.

[20] Note down your creative thoughts on paper

This is one good habit to develop. The benefits are you can remember your creative thoughts for a longer duration or you can refer it of course. gradually, you will start noticing your ideas more carefully. Moreover, by this time you are disconnected with technology.

[21] Relaxing timeout

It is mandatory for your long lasting job. You should do some stretches in between the working hours. Mild chair exercises gave movement to your body and you will feel refreshed for the rest of the day.

A power nap is also a good option to make yourself relaxed. 10 to 20 minutes power nap revitalizes you to work again.

Here, you can check, how can power nap for all-day energy.

Life isn’t always fair, but still good to enjoy and some nitty-gritty of daily health gives meaning and longevity to life. Good habits take time to develop. But you must develop these habits to live a healthy life. Moreover, your children are observing your habits. So, it is up to you what you want your children to know and learn. And good health is the best heritage you can pass it on to your children.

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