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“If You Are Happy Only Then You Can Make Others Happy”

Whose happiness matters you the most and keeps you alive? Of course family. It doesn’t affect the number of members whether they are few or many ultimately there must be love and trust which binds them all together. Sometimes, after trying for so many times, some people can’t be happy by your deeds. Leave those. Care for those whom you meet and there is a sparkling smile on their face which makes you alive.

So, how to maintain this charm of life? In this hard rock world, everyone is fighting their own battle. Managing each relationship nicely is quite impossible. Is it so? No. Absolutely not. Actually, it the best part of life to be surrounded by our favourite people and make them happy which ultimately makes us happy.

Here, I came up with 8 easiest ways to make your family happy, somehow which is the secret of your happiness too.

[1] Be flexible:

Adjustment requires only when you don’t want to change but you have to. Some adjustments for friends and family makes relationships stronger. There is nothing wrong in doing adjustments for family and friends. Try to fulfil their wishes. Then you can feel the real happiness of the world which can’t even get by achieving self-motives. When it comes to your core personal values stop there. If it makes you feel insulting then stop there. Self-respect is the first priority. You must have to learn difference between self-respect and self-motives. It depends upon you what is your priority? choose wisely. Sometimes selfish motives came over relationships. Do not make or maintain relationships just to earn benefits. Close relationships are very precious and for their maintenance, you must have to come out from the self-motives. Then you can enjoy and feel what it means to bring a smile on other’s face.

[2] Work-life balance:

Devote time for family, friends, work and do not forget your leisure activities. This maintenance is very important in day to day life. Make a schedule. Devote time for work first because only that can give you lively hood for your family. Then give priority to parents. Sit with them. Talk with them. Let know if they want anything. Take advice from them and follow them in your life. Devote time to play with children. Sometimes after working for so many hours, a person doesn’t have any capacity to even talk with children. So, devote time for that. Show love for your spouse. Use the phone and social media networks to connect with friends. Plan to meet them on weekends with family.

Now the most important devotion of time is for you. Because if all others are happy but if you are not then it is worthless. Give time to your leisure activities. Whatever it may be sports, music etc. People those who are complaining that they don’t have time for all these, they have not learnt the skill of time management. It is all about priorities. Decide your priorities first and as per priorities devote time to different tasks.

[3] Communication:

Communication between two person makes things clear. You can share your views, likes and dislikes to your family members so, they care for your likes and dislikes. Don’t make it complicated. Try to communicate just to know their views. Don’t try to know their hidden self-motives. If you are good to others, they will also nice to you. Think only good things they had done for you don’t find small faults. Exceptions are always there. But make them optional and less prior. Give priority to family members’ opinion also. By this way, you can show how much they are important for you.

[4] Less down expectations form the relationships:

Lessen your expectations in relationships. Better try to except form yourself. If expectations are not fulfilled then relationships might end or near to end. Those relationships which are carried forward just for the sake of self-motives ended shortly. So, to maintain lifelong relationships think for others’ happiness.

[5] A Healthy family is a wealthy family:

Maintain good health of your own and your family. Keep eating healthy food. Take a good sleep at night. A Healthy mind is also equally important as a healthy body. Inner peace of mind can make you happy and others too. Do meditation and yoga. Which keeps your mind stress free and healthy. If you are doing, then you can ask your spouse and children to do.

[6] Follow discipline of relationships:

Discipline leads towards a perfect life. Follow discipline of each relationship. Know who requires how much distance and behave accordingly. For an example, if you are married then the first priority is your spouse rather than best friends. Know where to stop and where to flow. These distances are very important to learn.

Follow your legacy. Pass it on to your children. Follow your religious values and ask your family to follow them. Don’t make compulsion for them. Explain them their importance gradually. Give them enough time and space to follow.

[7] Make your family feel safe with you:

In this bitter world, only family members can make feeling safe to one another. Create a safe environment for your family. Don’t be too harsh that any member of your family can’t dare to talk with you and don’t be too gentle that everyone taken you as a granted. You can a create safe environment by explanations and reason behind particular thoughts. Also, listen to the reasons behind others’ thoughts and if they are not saying try to find by your own. And if they are wrong then explain them the right way.

[8] Don’t ever let down your family members:

The united family is a strength. Everyone is right in their own ways. If somehow anyone from your family member broken down then try to encourage them. Problems are part of life. We can only diminish their level by not affecting to it. Keep encouraging your family members if they broke down in a difficult phase of life.

For an instance, if your children are not scoring well as expected then encourage them that what they had bring is also good. If your parents are tired of old age then encourage them to live happily by spending time with them or roaming with them in parks and take them to temples.

Life is so simple. Be happy and make your family happy by following these simple and easy ways.

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  1. This blog is one of the best blog which i have ever read on family happiness. It’s easy to understand & messageable. Keep writing this kind of blogs 🙂

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