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What is cruxwrux ?

CruxWrux is inviting you to come along in this journey of life. CruxWrux is a blog website which provides you tips, tricks and techniques which can make your life easy. We all know life isn’t so simple but together we can make it simple. Sometimes we require love, sometimes knowledge, sometimes motivation and sometimes just want to enjoy the life. What if all these you can get from the one source? Yes. CruxWrux is that source for you. You would be at the right place to enjoy reading along with enhancement of knowledge. So take a cup of coffee and enjoy reading.

The Well researched blogs on Health, Career, Life, Tech and Entertainment gives you right information and explanation to deal with different matters smartly.

Reading is a matter of feeling and experiencing. Certainly, you would feel and experience the words exactly the same way as I expect. And that’s my achievement.

About Me

Hi! I’m Juhi. The creator of cruxwrux.com. I started my blogging career 2 years back. I am a freelance writer. I am inspired to write on different topics from my school days. Writing always being inspirational for me. I love to express my thoughts, learnings, experiences and feelings through writing. When I am love to write you would definitely love to read!

Reading is an accustomed hobby of every writer and so my too! I love to read and research on different topics especially when it is related to my niches. My eager to learning ability makes me updated all the time. It is very exciting when the hobby becomes a profession. Love to write and communicate.

Wife of an amazing husband. Proud to be daughter in law of lovely in-laws. Love to make and eat home-made food. I am lucky to have such a caring husband and in-laws whose support brought me this far. Loved to be loved by my family. For me, my duties are always priorities. Thanking you all mighty god for giving me so much strength to perform all my duties very well.

I have successfully completed my Masters in Business and Administration from Gujarat Technical University, India with good score. My education helps me to achieve my career goals. Yet new learnings required to sharpen my skills and to provide the best user experience.

So, That’s all about me. More you can visit and read my most popular blogs here :- CruxWrux

Thank you for visiting the page.