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It is very irritating when someone asked you not to eat your favorite tasty food because it is unhealthy. But choosing healthy food over unhealthy food is a matter of habit. When you are habituated to eat healthy food then unhealthy tasty food doesn’t make any sensation to eat.

That’s the reason behind some schools are strictly following the diet chart. Kids are supposed to bring homemade food daily. So, it is the habit which is developed from the childhood.

But in today’s lifestyle junk food is the most convenient option even though we know it is the unhealthiest option. Moreover, the surrounding atmosphere also affects food patterns of people. For an example, While eating lunch with your fellow employee and he eats junk food then sooner or later he will drive you to eat junk food unless you are strongly following your diet.

Do not feel guilty if you love junk food. Mostly all love it! Sometimes people need reminder or motivation to do not eat junk food.

So, Let’s understand why you should not eat junk food.

In simple terms, we can differentiate food mainly on 2 types,

[1] Standardized food

Standardized food is a food for which a standard identity has been set in regulation. The food must comply each and every specification of the standard identity.

[2] Unstandardized food

Unstandardized food doesn’t comply the prescribed identifications in any manner.

Based on these types we can have food subtypes which are,

[1] Healthy food

Healthy food is holding most of the required nutrients in the human body. Healthy food can be categorized as natural food, whole food or organic food. All the standardized food is a healthy food.

[2] Fast food

Fast food is a quick mix of few ingredients or just a wrapper torn distance away to eat. It can directly compared with the traditional food which is made by following recipes and required few hours to complete the one dish. Mostly Fast food is street food which is available at every corner of the road. Some fast foods are healthy depends on how they have made and which ingredients are used while some are absolutely not.

[3] Junk food

While Junk food is unhealthy food or less nutritional value food in simple terms. Junk food is not adding any value to your good health rather it can harm your health. Junk food is ultra-processed food. Complete junk food meal [For an instance, A combination of burger with French fries and sugary carbonated drinks] is very harmful for health. It may cause diabetes.

Sometimes junk food is also fast food when it is made quickly. Some food items are both junk food and fast food. But all the fast food is not a junk food and all the junk food is not a fast food.

These two terms are often misunderstood as a same but there is the difference between the two.

What is included in junk food?

Anything made from the white floor [Maida] or refined white sugar or syrup is the unhealthiest junk food.

Moreover, French fries, Burgers, Donuts, sweetened carbonated beverages, candy, soda, are few names of junk food.

More you may know..

What drives you to eat so much of junk food?

Junk food stimulates cravings in our brain. It generates “feel-good” chemicals in the human brain. So, We are eager to consume more of it.

Furthermore, Easy to make, available at every corner, cheaper than healthier food, salty and sugary taste, we can store it.

These catchy features of junk food may attract you to eat junk food but beware it is totally unhealthy food. Because

[1] Low nutritional values

Junk food contains a large amount of carbohydrates, sugar, trans fat and sodium.

Moreover, the major ingredients used in junk food such as palm oil, white flour, white bread are taken in the refined form so, all the fibers, minerals and nutrients have vanished.

Other major ingredients like artificial sweeteners, fructose, yeast are doing more harm than good!

[2] Obesity

Junk food is high in calories and it generates cravings to have more and more of it. So, you will end up at high calories with no nutrients.

Many studies showed that the most of the junk food contains a high level of trans fat, sugar and salt which leads to obesity.

junk food is most popular food for distracted eating. Eating while doing the other task simultaneously is distracted eating. Eating while watching television or while checking social media updates, results in overeating.

Doctors are always suggesting to have balanced diet for the good health and weight loss. Junk food is so high in calories that it can make your diet unbalanced.

Junk food is responsible to lower down your energy level and it makes you lazy and less active.

[3] Risk of diabetes

Overweight is one of the prominent reasons for causing diabetes. Because when you have too many fat tissues, the body cells are resistant to insulin. [Insulin is a hormone which transfers sugar from the blood to the cells.]

When your cells are not able to use insulin properly, pancreas understood it as a more requirement of insulin and so it generates more and more. And ultimately pancreas stops producing enough insulin to balance blood sugar level.

The crux is, junk food is high in sugar level. It holds a large amount of trans fat and saturated fat which accumulated in your body and raising the risk of diabetes.

[4] Depression

The study showed that regular junk food consumers are less active.

Study showed that regular junk food consumers increase the chances of depression by 51% than those eat less.

Insulin resistance is one of the reasons for cognitive deficiencies.

Junk food uses refined starches which cause inflammation and cardiovascular diseases both are responsible for the development of depression.

Artificial sugars are strongly associated with the mood swings and depression.

[5] Heart stroke

Sodium is required to maintain balanced fluid level. For a healthy heart, you should not take more than 1500 milligrams sodium each day. But too much sodium in your diet increases the blood pressure and stroke risk.

Junk food like Potato chips, French fries, salted nuts, pizza are holding high amount of sodium which is not good for healthy heart and increases the chances of heart stroke. One study shows that eating 2500 milligrams of sodium each day increases the heart stroke risk by 34%.

[6] Digesting problems

We required an adequate amount of fiber for bowel movements. Junk food diet provides very less fiber so it leads to constipation.

Your stomach needs enzymes to digest and intestine needs fiber and water to excrete but junk food won’t have these nutrients which lead to digestion problems.

Junk food slows down the digestion process and makes stomach bloated.

[7] Tooth cavities

Sugary sweets increase the chances of developing tooth cavities.

Sugary Junk food like sweet carbonated drinks, soda, candy, baked items damage the tooth protecting enamel layer.

Sugary Junk food coat entire mouth, gums, tongue and teeth with sugar. This sugary coats harm the enamel layer and it causes tooth decay and cavities.

In the end, I just want to say develop the habit to avoid junk food and choose healthy food options.

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