October 2, 2017


This day is known for a birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji. He is the leading contributor in freedom of India. Today along with remembering him, we come up to give you important principles of his life which we must follow to make over selves better in today’s world.

[1] Non-violence

Solve any crucial matter with techniques and solving attitude. Violence can never solve the matter rather it accelerate. Avoid non-violence for humans, animals, birds, trees and for all the other living creature of this world.

[2] Accept indigenous clothes

Our society must follow this principle to generate income in our own country. Every citizen must follow native cloths over expensive foreign materials. Gandhiji emphasis on wearing Khadi clothes.

[3] Fasting

Fasting has scientific logic. Our stomach required to rest few days in the month. Moreover, one should have control over his desires. If you can control your senses, then you can control the world. One should never eat non-vegetarian food.

[4] Equity in religions

All the religions of the world are same. Humanity is above the religion. One should care for others. All humans must care values of each other and do not try to harm people just for the sake of religion.

[5] Be fearless

We should not fear from any devil of the world. Only god has the power to destroy us. If god is with us then no one can harm us.

[6] Non-stealing

People should understand this principle and dismantling in their lives. One should be persuasive and earn money for livelihood. On should not keep eye on other’s fund.

[7] Self-discipline

People should follow self-discipline. One should be aware regarding his roles and responsibilities. They should perform it with discipline. Discipline is a code of conduct and systematic way of living life.

We must follow these 7 principles of Mahatma Gandhiji in our routine life. It leads to satisfaction of inner soul and makes our life better.