November 15, 2017


How can we forget those poems and stories which we habituated with listening in our childhood? We must give tribute to Gijubhai Badheka on his birthday.

He was born on 15th November 1885 in Chittal (Saurashtra) India. He was a Gujarati Children’s writer. He is popular as “MoochhaliMaa”. Kakasaheb Kalelkar gave him a title ”Balsahitya no Bramha.”

He had written anumber of poems, stories and plays which develop the imagination power of children, enhance their creativity in the most interesting way. The most famous book of GijubhaiBadhekais “Divaswapna(Daydreams). Every primary school teacher must read “Divaswapna” (Daydreams)” .Other books of Gijubhai are “AndheriNagari Ne Gundu raja”, “DharmatmaonaCharitro”,”KailashMansarovarDharshan”,”PrafullitHasyaKathao”


He helped to introduce a Montessori system of education in India. He was a high court lawyer. Later, He was living in Bhavnagar a city in the Gujarat. After the birth of his son in 1920, he created a Pre-primary school for kids.

Today, we must encourage children for reading good stuff which develops their imagination power. We must tell them what we are supposed to read at their age. This is how we can give the best inheritance to our children.

Happy birthday Gijubhai Badheka !