October 6, 2017


Many big announcements are possible after the completion of the GST council. The main purpose of the council is to solve the problems faced by the citizens due to GST impact. Modi government has analyzed the impact of GST on each and every sector over the time. And they have made a report of difficulties faced by the general public. So, they want to eliminate those difficulties.

The major concerns are for:

[1] Most of the announcements are in the favor of small business traders.

Government already knows the fact that small traders are facing some difficulties due to GST. That is the major reason of worry for Modi Government. They believed that GST has many benefits in the long run. But they want to remove the current difficulties faced by the small traders. Small traders have lots of expectations from this council and they may get their Diwali Present by the Modi government.

[2] There may be changes of GST rate cuts.

[3] The other major problem faced by the citizens of India is regarding less return filing timeline. So, there may be possibilities of some relaxation in return filing timeline.

[4] The another concern is whether to impose GST on petrol and diesel?