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Unknowingly, fathers are less appreciated for their efforts compare to mothers. Unfortunately, fathers can’t devote much time in raising kids compare to mothers. But we know he works very hard for our better future. On this day, you have a good opportunity to tell him how much you love him and appreciate him. share your untold feeling attached to your father.

Father the backbone of the family, the ultimate caretaker, the strongest shoulder to lean on, the role model for a daughter to marry a man like him, the hero, the king, the god are few appellations for him.

Today, we bring for you some nostalgic best Disney dads! Disney characters are always inspirational for us. You and your father can revitalize your memories together on this special day.

[1] King Fergus

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The most humorous dad Merida has! What else required when your dad knows how to make you smile. I think Merida is one of the luckiest girls who got the best parents and siblings. King Fergus always wants to make his family happy. He always tries to understand his wife to better communicate with their daughter.

[2] Marlin

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Marlin is known for his brevity at the time of emergency. Marlin shows all his courage when Nemo his son goes missing. He puts all his fears besides and tries every possible way to find his lost son.

[3] Mufasa

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He is the courageous king and the father. He loves his family very much. He has taken risk of his own life to save his son Simba. He left with incredible heritance for Simba.

[4] James

Tiana got the purpose of her life from her father. She wants to make her father’s dream come true of owning a family restaurant. His father was very hard working person and Tiana adopts his father’s traits.

[5] Crush

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Crush is One of the coolest dads in Disney world! Crush the sea turtle from “Finding Nemo” is the wisest dad and know how to treat children when they grow up. He teaches us how greatest dads learn their kids to live independently.

[6] Fa Zhou

Fa Zhou is a father of Mulan. Mulan wants to join the army on behalf of her father. Fa Zhou is a weak person and refuses to join the army. Earlier he refuses Mulan to join the army but later he gave his permission and understand the women empowerment.

[7] Bob Parr [ Mr. Incredible]

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Bob Parr is the superhero dad. He trains his three kids Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack to use their own superpowers. He posses both the physical and the mental strength.

[8] King Triton

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King Triton refuses her daughter Ariel to travel on the surface. He wants his daughter to end her interest from humans. But Ariel visits the surface and finds her human prince. Ultimately king supports his daughter’s decision of marrying a human prince.

[9] Pongo

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Pongo is a loyal pet of the owner Roger. He is a father of 15 puppies and an adoptive father of 84 more puppies. He is overprotective for his wife Perdita. He shows brevity when Cruella de Vil wants to steal his puppies.

[10] Geppetto

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Geppetto is a woodworker and marries to a blue fairy. His wife gave birth to their son Pinnochio. Once his son goes away from their home to join the puppet show, his father rescues him from out of the sea.

Disney is a huge source of children’s literature. We have so many memories of these characters. Somewhere we all habituated with comparing some traits of our father with these characters.
Sometimes Happiness comes from being nostalgic along with respective person! Isn’t it?

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