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We should eat to live rather than live to eat.

What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is a tendency of eating without having physical hunger. Emotions like love, hate, joy, sadness, fear etc. can excess your eating. Of course, food is a basic need but excess of eating is an eating disorder. It is a state of unsatisfied emotional mind which tries to gratify with food. Here, Food is one medium to satisfy emotional needs.

Many diets have failed because the habit of emotional eating and perhaps, this is one of the reasons for your overweight! The most common emotionally eaten foods are nuts, popcorns, peanuts, or ice-cream or junk food like pizza, burger, French fries etc.

Reasons for emotional eating with their solutions.

When eating is related to emotions rather than hunger it is emotional eating. Various reasons are responsible to make you an emotional eater.

[1] Time pass

We can also understand it as a boredom eating. When you feel like boring nothing to do and no one there to talk then you may visit the kitchen, open the fridge and find the favorite time pass snacks. Then you sit in front of the television or Netflix with snacks. Mostly junk food is the best time pass food. This unnecessary wrong eating habit results in overeating.

Solution: –

Keep your hands busy in your free time. So, You would not have empty hands to eat.

Avoid distracted eating. Distracted eating means you are eating simultaneously while doing other tasks. Make sure you are not eating while watching Netflix or television. It results in overeating.

The moment when you realize that you are eating just for the time pass, stop there and find other interesting task to do.

Utilize your time in an optimum manner. Make a to-do list and devote sufficient time to each task.

Remember “Eat only when you are hungry.”

[2] Unawareness

When you eat unconsciously it is emotional eating. Your stomach gives you various signs that it is done with eating. But unfortunately you are not able to understand those signs and you end up eating more.

Solution: –

Keep a track of your eating Pre-plan how much you want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take accordingly. So, you would be aware how much you have eaten.

Remember “Eat only when you are hungry.”

[3] Stress

Stress is responsible for overeating. After a long tiered day, food works as a soothing effect on the human brains. Especially sugary food, sweet carbonated beverages works as a tonic for an emotional eater. The worse case may be of drugs which have a soothing effect on the mind. So, most of the depressed people are overeating and drug addictives.

Solution: –

Develop hobbies which entertain you better than any drug can. Gathering with friends and roaming around in the city might help you to avoid emotional eating.

Start gym activities. Exercise burns the stress hormones.

[4] The Major change of life

Marriage, divorce, shifting to another city, break-up or patch-up etc are the major changes of life. Especially marriage is a profusion of joy which may cause emotional eating. Due to this, brides are following strict diet before and after few months of marriage.

Solution: –

Don’t forget to balance your diet even after the major changes occur in your life. I know many things are getting to be done but place sustainable diet always at a first priority.

[5] Source of pleasure

The root cause of emotional eating is food love.

When the only source of happiness or relaxation is food then it is obvious to have emotional eating.

When nothing motivates you other than food than you might end up at emotional eating.

Solution: –

Try to detach your emotions with food.

Excess food love generates when you are struggling with your mind to stop thinking about lost pleasures. So, one thing you can do is to let your lost pleasure be your present and try to face it.

Try healthy replacements like swimming, dancing or just walking few miles a day. So, your mind will find new pleasures in life. Then your lost pleasure didn’t harass you more.

[6] To adjust with the situation

It is very difficult to adjust with the unfavorable situations. When you are constantly trying to adjust with the situation you find food as a temporary escape from that situation. When you are busy in eating you are less concentrated on other issues automatically.

Solution: –

You have to develop abilities to cope up with the unfavorable situations. Don’t find temporary escapes. And when you are not able to change the situation, leave it. Don’t spoil your diet and health for the things you can’t change.

Here, Meditation and Yoga can help you to balance your life and eating patterns.

Remember “Eat only when you are hungry.”

[7] Unable to denied

Imagine, Your wife has prepared a delicious dinner just for you and you dine out so heavily that you can’t even eat a small piece. But you can’t tell your wife that you have dine out. So, unwillingly you ate twice and unwillingly you become an emotional eater.

Solution: –

Learn to say no. Develop your own importance. Give priority to your likes and dislikes. Adopt the practical approach for life. Nothing is more important than your health. So, don’t compromise in any circumstances.

[8] Self-hate

You might feel this because of personal reasons like you are heavy, or not losing weight after so much efforts or you have dark skin tone etc and external reasons like your boss is not appreciating your efforts, or when you are continuously comparing yourself with others etc are some of the reasons for self-hate. You may think like you are good for nothing. Here, you are increasing your eating for self-harm.

Solution: –

Learn to love yourself unconditionally. You can remind yourself your achievements and learn to be a self-motivator. It is okay to fail sometimes. Accept your capabilities and behave with yourself accordingly. Don’t let food be your motivator.

“Self help is the best help” Be your own doctor. Try to follow sustainable diet always. Don’t let any reason to control your mind. Be patient, good habits take time to develop.

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