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The purpose of issuing this article is to pacify those people who often become the victim of their phobias.

In simple terms, we can define a phobia as unpleasant thoughts of the particular situation or object continuously hammering the mind. It may be the result of extreme stress, anxiety or a specific unpleasant associated event.

The people listed here, have achieved excellence in their field along with their bizarre phobias. Around 10% of United States population suffer from different kinds of phobias / . So, you may achieve wonders even though you are suffering from any phobia.

[1] Tom Cruise – Baldness [Peladophobia]

The most handsome man on the earth afraid of going bald. Generally, most of the men concerned about their hair growth and loss. But being in the 40s and still afraid of being bald is not considerable. Luckily, he is being supported by the God for his hair growth.

[2] Donald Trump – Germ phobia [Mysophobia]

The 45th and current president of United States admitted that he suffers from germ phobia and washing his hands many time a day. He stated that he likes cleanliness. He doesn’t consider it an obsessive compulsive but a good habit. So, he never tried to cure it. He dislikes shaking hands. He believes that the act of handshake is one of the curses of American Society.

[3] Daniel Radcliffe – Clowns [ Coulrophobia]

Daniel Radcliffe, well known as Harry Potter has a clown phobia. The person fights with brutal Lord Voldemort dreaded by clowns! Clowns are supposed to bring joy and happiness for the folks. But it is ironic when clowns frighten people! The other famous personality afraid of clowns is Johnny Depp. He is fabled fictional character Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of Caribbean film series.

[4] Nicole Kidman – Butterflies [Lepidopterophobia]

The Australian actress who receives various awards and ex-wife of Tom Cruise is afraid of butterflies. She avoids going into her home if butterfly sitting on the gate. Once she tried to attend the butterfly museum but she couldn’t.

[5] Rafael Nadal – darkness [Nyctophobia]

Who believe that the fearless personality on the Tennis court afraid of darkness! Nadal can’t sleep with off lights. He used to keep TV and house lights on when he goes to sleep. In fact, you would be surprised to know that Nadal admitted that he frightens being alone at home in nights. So, he used to sleep on a sofa and avoids going to bed. The Tennis champ brave on the tennis court but, else not!

[6] David Beckham – Untidiness [Ataxophobia]

The retired football team captain and one of the most stylish men in the world scared untidiness. He likes to live a well-organized life where there is no space for a disorder. Everything around him must be well arranged. He admitted that he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder so, he wants everything in coordination and even numbers only.

[7] Serena Williams – Flying [Aerophobia]

The world’s ranked 1 Tennis player Serena Williams finds difficulty in flying. She doesn’t like flying. In fact, she hates. She feels like her heart almost stops when a flight takes off and land. She tried to make herself relax during the flying time. The other celebrity Jennifer Aniston also afraid of flying.

[8] Pamela Anderson – Mirrors [Eisoptrophobia]

The famed actress and model afraid of seeing herself in the mirror. Because she has a phobia of mirrors. The most inspirational and beautiful woman manages her beauty without seeing herself in the mirror. Millions of people want to look at her and love to see her but she doesn’t like it at all. Even she doesn’t like to look at herself in the television. She leaves the place immediately when she noticed she looks her own self.

[9] Billy Bob Thornton – Old Furniture [ Furniturephobia]

The American Actor, songwriter, Singer, filmmaker and musician doesn’t like old furniture. He told that he creeped out the old furniture without any explanation. He couldn’t breathe and eat around the antiques. He avoid staying at hotels where furniture stuff is of before 1950. He can’t live where king’s furniture around. Old tables and chairs carved with lion and tiger makes him afraid.

[10] Oprah – chewing gum [Chiclephobia]

She is the most inflectional women in the world. She hosted The Oprah Winfrey talk show was one of the highest rated programs in the history.

Oprah afraid of chewing gum. She hates the annoying sound comes while chewing it. She doesn’t like to see how people play with chew gums. The intensity shows when she banned chewing gum in the building where she performs her shows.

Other bizarre phobias are of spiders, height, ceiling fans, cats, creepy-crawlies, skeleton, escalators, dentist, dogs, color etc. These phobias might develop in the childhood or early adulthood. There is no specific reason for any phobia. Obsession comes naturally. Stress, anxiety and high engagement with the particular task may arise obsession. These are the common reason for phobias. But of course, if a person can relate to any incident then he might have reason or logic behind their phobia.

Don’t let your fear be your phobia. There is thin line difference between phobia and fear. Phobia is attached to the person while fear is a time being. A phobic person always has obsession regarding his phobia.

For an instance, Most of the people afraid of lizard but very few of them have lizard phobia. These people suffering from lizard thoughts in their routine life. They think what they will do when they see lizard? How will they escape the place immediately? These continuous meaningless thoughts convert fear into a phobia.

But any phobia can’t restrain you from achieving your goals. These legends are proven examples. If you find your obsession is too much and you can’t handle then you can consult the counselor.

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