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Who are the most inspirational super seniors for you?

I know many of us would answer our grandparents. And that’s true. We never underestimate the dedication of our grandparents. They are the most inspirational super seniors for us. And when we look afar similarly we have admirable worlds’ own grandparents whose contribution recognized not only nationally but also internationally.

Why our grandparents always asking us to eat healthily and maintain the work-life balance? Why our elders always render us longevous blessings? Among the most prominent reasons, one is to live long happily. How can one attained the age of super senior and even centenarian happily?

Moreover, we often find in our surroundings that people are losing their hopes quickly when they fail, they started feeling negative for own self, and ultimately lost in depression. And unfortunately, this is common scenario at present. So before humdrum, have a look at the life of these people and their tremendous struggle.

Let’s know their stories that how they have attained this age successfully..

[1] Nanammal

99 years of Indian Woman Nanammal teaches yoga to 100 people on a daily basis.

Her Yoga postures left you astonished. She has 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She was inspired to learn Yoga from her paternal grandfather and maternal grandfather at a very young age of 3. She is head of 30 family members.

She never tested sugar. She relies on the beliefs of Gandhiji and he had declared sugar as a white poison. Even She didn’t taste tea and coffee during her entire lifespan. She preferred green leafy vegetables, corn soup and fruits.

She had married at the age of 19. And she used to sleep in the kitchen so she can start Yoga in the early morning. Once she had cured her mother-in-law’s stomach pain with Yoga. Afterward, she used to cure diseases of many people with Yoga.

[2] George Corones

99 years old Australian George Corones breaks the record of 50-meter freestyle swimming.

He had completed 50-meter freestyle swim in 5.12 seconds.

He had broken the record of British swimmer John Harrison. John Harrison had completed the race in 1:31:19 minutes in 2014 and George Corones has completed the race 35 seconds earlier and broke the world record. He was excited to touch the finish line rather making a record.

Brisbane inhabitant George wants to learn swimming from childhood. However, he had dropped swimming during second the world war. He started practicing his doctorate. After retirement at the age of 80, he revamps swimming. He opted swimming for the purpose of the exercise. Slowly and gradually swimming hobby converted into professional achievements.

He used to swim thrice in a week and also actively workout at the gym. He believes that swimming is the secret behind his ripe old age.

[3] Jeannie Epper

77 years old Jeannie Epper is known for her stunts and she is well famed as “stuntwoman” in Hollywood movies and television series. She had performed extraordinary stunts in more than 100 feature films and television series. she is well-known for a 1970 television series of wonder woman.

She comes from a stunt artists family. Her brothers and sisters followed her steps too. Even senior age and granny title can’t stop Jeannie from jumping out of the window and escaping from the burning buildings.

She received lifetime achievement award at the Taurus World Stunt Awards in 2007. She believes confidence is her key to success. While performing stunts she only concerned about her 150% successful performance.

[4] Frances Woofenden

Don’t fumble up when you see 84 years old lady sliding on water! Yes. Frances Woofenden is 84 years old water skiing master woman.

In her early life, she caught up with the responsibilities of the family so, she was unable to find much time for practicing skiing. But as “Passion never dies”, she revamps water skiing at the age of 50. She practicing skiing 5 times in a week which shows her intensity of liking water skiing. She is the 1st water skiing champion in her age group. Frances has won over 100 medals.

[5] Ernestine Shepherd

81 years old Ernestine Shepherd is world’s oldest female bodybuilder.
She is a certified personal trainer. She wakes up at 3 a.m. to start running and weight lifting. She believes that at 81 she is better than on 40!

Earlier she was a model for several years. But suddenly Ernestine and her sister find their body out of shape. Then they started taking aerobics classes. Her sister competing in bodybuilding shows as Velvet but Her sister died in 1992. So, she decided to carry forward her sister’s career. Till now she has run for 9 Marathons and awarded two bodybuilding title.

[6] Paddy Jones

Watching Paddy Jones Hitting the dance floor at the age of 83 is just stunning!

Sarah Patricia Jones is a British Salsa dancer. Her name recorded in the Guinness World Record for the “Oldest Acrobatic Salsa Dancer”.

Paddy and her partner Nico placed 9th overall in Britain’s Got Talent.
She hails from England and started classical dance at the age of 2.5 years.
Seriously age is not a boundary for any occupation!

[7] Ida Keeling

Ida Keeling is a master in an athlete at 102 years. She broke the records of 60 meter and 100 meter in 95-99 and 100+ age groups. She holds many records of history.

She is the one and only woman in the history to complete 100 meter running race at the age of 100. She was hugely applauded by all the viewers in Penn Relays in 2016.

She hails from Manhattan. She had four children. She never left running even after undergoing several personal tragedies. She lost her husband when she was 42. She also endures the lost her two sons.

[8] Robert Marchand

Guinness World Records recognized his record of world’s oldest competitive cyclist. Robert Marchand is a French cyclist. On 4th January 2017 at the age of 105, he set a world record in one-hour track cycling in his age group. He covered 22. 45 K.M. in just one hour. Seriously Stupefied!
He continued his training even after the age of 100.

It is completely dazing when people with grizzled hair, doddery walk, a senile mind can perform this task without any fear.

In the end, I think we got all the answers to all the questions which are raised at the beginning.

Now, we have stories to tell people when they complaining their problems and failures. We have stories to tell our grandparents when they feel tired from life. We have stories to keep motivating ourselves and our children. We have stories to live long healthy life. We have stories to never get retired. We have stories to work till the last breath of life. We have stories to live again. We have stories to never get older!

Share your story of such admirable super seniors lies in your surroundings.

We are never too old to pursue our goals!

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