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Only Insomniac can understand how horrible insomnia can be. Fully conscious state of mind and roaming around like an owl is just dreadful!

Today’s modern world is fast and alongside comes with lots of tension and anxiety. It may be work pressure or time-bound targets but unwillingly people become the victim of diseases like diabetes and insomnia. World’s one-third population suffering from insomnia. And unfortunately, this ratio is increasing.

Insomnia solution – “Dreamlight” smart rechargeable sleep mask.

Researchers have found the proven solution for insomnia. This mask helps you not only in better sleeping but also bring you good morning energy. “Dreamlight” named device use light, sound and genetics to render you better sleep.

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How does it work?

This mask can convert your bad night into sweet dreams sleep. This mask follows all the parameters of Sleep Hygiene. This mask is so much intelligent that it can guide you like a doctor. Because this mask has infrared sensors which continuously monitors your blood pressure and heartbeats. It includes headphones and lights. You just required to wear the mask on right time rest will be done by the mask itself.


[1] Customized light and sound effects

For better sleep LED orange light enlighten. Orange color is good for better sleep. While green light enlighten for wake up. It has customized natural sound effects.

[2] Smart mask

This sleeping mask is smart because it has dreamlight application as a cross-platform which continuously studies your sleeping schedule. We can easily connect this mask to our android and IOS devices.

[3] Comfortable

The design of the mask is made considering human comfort. Easy to wear and easy to remove. It is also travel friendly. So, you can easily carry it in the fights. This mask can let you feel like a home anywhere.

[4] Healthy

Adequate sleep is the prominent criteria for a healthy body. This mask helps to achieve so. It reduces stress, tension and fatigue. It makes you feel relax after passing the whole busy working day.

[5] Breathing technique

When restless mind required to relax this mask start breathing techniques. So, it helps in reducing REM [Rapid Eye Movement]. When eye movements become stable person goes into a deep sleep.

[6] Supportive

We can easily charge this mask for up to 8 hours. It is washable also. So, you can wash it when you find it dusty. To wear it easily we can adjust the pressure at the sensitive areas of the face.

If you have any sleeping problems then this mask definitely prove boon to you.

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