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Today, women’s safety is a major concern in India due to the increased number of criminal cases against women.

Women are required to stepping out alone for many reasons, for attending school, college, office, or to buy grocery items etc. Now, women are compelled to work overnights. In all such cases, women have to be alert and it is her own responsibility to protect herself when she stepping out alone. Instead of tolerance, women must know how to protect herself.

Here, technology advancement can help in women safety issues. Many women safety apps are launched to protect women. Various apps have assorted features to protect women in the simplest way. Some of those woman safety apps are stated here:

[1] Chilla

This app detects a scream of the user and activated to send an SOS alert message with the location to the pre-defined contacts. The user can also enable the SOS feature by pressing the power button 5 times.

A scream automatically unlocks the phone and place an emergency call to save the user. After the app triggers, it sends Email with audio recording.
In case the phone is in the bag or pocket, yet your scream can save you.

You can Download from Here :-

[2] Safetipin

This app designed for women’s safety. Safetipin provides personal safety features like GPS tracking, emergency contact numbers, direction to a safe location and many more. This app provides “pins” of safe areas with their safety score so, users can find a safe location at the time of the problem. Users can also mention the unsafe areas and save others.

You can Download from Here :-

[3] Raksha

The purpose of Rakha app is women security. The user can show his location details to selected contacts of his choice. When the app is switched off, then also it sends alert messages. Users just required to press the volume key for 3 seconds. This app has SOS functionality and sends emergency messages when there is no internet connection.

You can Download from Here :-

[4] Women safety

This app informs the user’s current location along with a link to Google maps to preconfigured contacts just by tapping a button. This app has designed three color-coded buttons so, users can press as per the urgency and seriousness of the problem. It can also capture pictures of the situation and automatically uploaded to the server.

You can Download from Here :-

[5] Smart24*7

This app aimed the security of women and senior citizens. Smart24*7 is supported by the police of different states. This app provides various services. Users can use as per the seriousness of the problem.

[i] This app sends panic alerts to the emergency contacts.

[ii] It also records voices and take photos and transfer these details to the police.

[iii] Another functionality is call center support which tracks down the movement of the user.

A user is required to press the panic button, then choose the type of service and finally press the submit button.

You can Download from Here :-

[6] Shake2Safety

This app is the easiest app to use in the cases of emergency. The user is just required to shake his Smart phones or press power button four times to send SOS text or call to the pre-registered numbers. It works even there is no internet connection. This app is extremely useful in case of accident, larceny or coercion.

You can Download from Here :-

[7] bSafe

bsafe app allows the user to make his own social safety network of parents, friends or colleagues. The app follows live GPS tracking so, the safety network people can directly trace the current location of the user. It has an alarm which rings automatically if the user has not checked in time. This app has the guardian alert button which sends a video of the user to the selected contacts.

You can Download from Here :-

[8] VithU

At the time of emergency, the user can’t wait to dial numbers. When the user press power button twice, this app sends SOS alert message to contacts.
Contacts receive a message along with the location details of the user. Alert messages are sent at every 2-minute gap and each with updated location details.

You can Download from Here :-

[9] Circle of 6

It has distinguished safety features from other women safety apps. This app allows you to connect up to 6 close contacts. You can alert your circle by two taps when you stuck in a problematic situation. You can feel like you are along with your friends and family when you anticipate any mischief. This app is specially designed for college students to intercept women harassment.

You can Download from Here :-

[10] Eyewatch

This app contains unique and useful features for women’s safety. Click away distance from you and your family. It sends SOS alerts even the user is not connected with GPRS. Eyewatch is the only app in the world which records audio-visual information about the situation to share with emergency contacts. Once it is activated it calls your pre-decided contacts one by one automatically on speaker mode.

You can Download from Here :-

[11] iGoSafely

iGoSafely alerts your contacts when you shake the phone or unplug the headphones. Emergency contacts will receive Emails and messages with GPS location details. This app updates every minute until the app is closed. Each message holds GPS location details, street address and 30-second audio recording.

You can Download from Here :-

[12] Stay Safe

In case of emergency, the user is required to press the power button 5 times to send the alert message to pre-decided 5 contacts. Users can also use the SOS message service to send an alert message to 5 contacts. User’s saved contacts can also trace the user’s live location.

You can Download from Here :-

Moreover, the iPhone provides the inbuilt SOS feature.Here, you can learn how it works from this link.

Gone are the days when women are treated like prisoners. Fear of getting assaulted must not be an excuse more where women have the power of technology. Download the one which you find the best for yourself. Never compromise on your security issues. Don’t not wait until a crime happen.

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