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We used to hear from our grandparents that they always prefer walking when they are young. Even at present, they might suggest you to travel by walking. They went schools and colleges by walking no matter how much distance was there. Today’s lifestyle doesn’t allow us to travel by walking. Even though we wish, we couldn’t due to time constraint and lots of other reasons. So here, We recommend you to spend just 30 minutes a day from your busy schedule to reap amazing lifelong health benefits.

“Walking is better than any workout”

After applying so many efforts in the gym you perhaps got few benefits. And in most of the cases, people unable to complete their gym training as they are fed up in between. While 30 minutes walking a day gives them myriad benefits effortlessly and at no cost.

[1] Accelerate mood

Our body generates Endorphins hormones while waking. Endorphins hormones diminish stress level and boost up the mood congruent. Walking proves even more beneficial when you walk with your friend or with a pet. Talking while walking improves cognitive functionalities of the brain.

[2] Strong bones

Walking makes your bones strong and healthy. Walking maintains the required wet fluid level in the joints. So, you can save yourselves from arthritis. Walking in the sunshine helps to produce vitamin D which is good for strong bones. When you walk your ankle and heel gets movement so they become stronger. So, you can save yourself from fractures and cracks.

[3] Better sleep

Walking diminishes your stress level and makes your mind calm and relax.
Many studies proved that aerobic exercises including walking is helpful to get better sleep. Walking helps to boost the energy level at the daytime as you get good and sound sleep at night. Make sure you didn’t walk just before going to bed. You must walk in the morning or at least before 3 hours of sleep. Mild walk during the night is acceptable.

Walking helps to sleep faster and longer. So, if you are insomniac or having sleeping problems then you must try a walk.

[4] Improves blood circulation

Poor blood circulation leads to muscles cramp and hurt because they didn’t get required oxygen. Walking improves more blood circulation in the foot area than any medication or treatment.

[5] Proper breathing

Walking improves breathing rate. So, your body can absorb more oxygen from the environment. Which boost your energy level. It also helps in proper functionalities of the body. Walking also keeps you away from old age symptoms.

[6] Boost Immunity

Walking makes your body strong and compatible against infectious diseases. walking increases production of white blood cells in our body. People who used to walk regularly are less affected by flu and cold.

[7] Improves memory

Walking sharpen our memory power. Walking increases movement in brain cells. So, We are able to think more clearly and we can easily remember the things. It prevents the loss of brain tissues which saves us from memory loss and diseases like dementia in old ages.

[8] Boon to heart health

Frequent walking is the best exercise to keep your heart healthy. Waking improves good cholesterol and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol. Daily 30 minutes walk normalize the heart rate. Which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

[9] Control Diabetes

Walking is the best exercise for type-II diabetic patients. A brisk walk of 38 minutes a day (4400 steps or 2.2. miles) shows a significant effect on diabetic patients. It helps to maintain steady sugar level in the body.

[10] Weight loss

Without any doubt, walking helps to reduce fat from the body. 30 minutes brisk walk a day can burn 150 calories a day. You will notice positive changes depending on your speed, distance covered and regularity. You can use various walking tool and applications to track your walking distance.

Walking is the easiest option for weight loss. Sweating in Gym and restrain from eating favorite dessert is not fair at all! Right? After all, we have only one life to eat. And many of us, better I can say almost all are living to eat rather than eating to live.

[11] Better digestion

Walking gives movement to all the muscles and organs of the body. So, organs can easily flush out toxins from the body. Walking improve the efficiency of bowel movements. Walking helps in detoxification process so, liver, kidneys and intestine become purge.

[12] Connect with nature

Always prefer walking in open areas like gardens, lobby or terrace. Walking in the fresh air fills you up with oxygen. You can feel refreshed. Your energy level increases and for the entire day, you will stay away from laziness and fatigue.

[13] Improves life expectancy

Many health experts have said that a brisk walk of 30 minutes adds several years to your life. waking reduces the risk of dying due to a heart attack. anyone can never avoid old age but we can definitely postpone it. Walking helps us to do so.

[14] Fights depression

Walking works as an antidepressant. Walking elevates depressed mood and fills you up with positive thoughts. You will be self-inspired to walk more and more once you reap the benefits. Walking improves the emotional stability of the person. Walking is considered as a treatment for depression patients. It improves quality of life.

[15] Raise creativity

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many CEOs are known for their walking meetings. Walking stimulates new ideas in the mind. Don’t forget to take a note with you when you go for a walk because you certainly got the most brilliant ideas ever. Many studies found higher creativity level while walking compared to sitting. Creative juices flow even after few minutes of walking. Unexpectedly Indoor walking in an office corridor or in a living room is also helpful for creative thinking.

So easy and numerous benefits. Seriously, the number of health benefits can be achieved by walking. So, tie your shoelaces and start walking 30 minutes a day.

Thoughts on “Why should you walk 30 minutes a day?”

  1. I love walking and the benefits you have listed are noticeable when I do it are noticeably absent when I dont. I didnt know that CEO’s hold walking meetings. That is great.

  2. Thanks for sharing this!! I try to get a walk in daily but I drive everywhere. I have make a better effort to get my walk.

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