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You will be astonished to know how medical and clown altogether different words co-related.

Medical clowning is a therapy aiming to relieve pain and empower the pediatric patients and their parents. The medical clowns utilize humorous approach for an instance, dance, music, storytelling, magic, drama to normalize the restive hospital ambiance for sensitive kids.

Hospitals invite clowns to deliver clowning therapy. Here, clowns work as doctors and mitigate the pain and sorrows of little ones. Children, away from home comfort and fights with mild to severe diseases find clown therapy as a boon.

Children hate doctors especially when they are undergoing treatment from the pediatrician. These clown doctors are unique they use fun and laughter as their medicines. Now, the big red nose, funny spotted clothes and bigfoot clowns wearing a stethoscope and render the treatment of joy and laughter.

Medical clowning works as a distraction treatment. Medical clowns entertain children while painful treatments so children are more attentive towards clowns and pediatric can easily treat the child.

Moreover, medical clowns also relieve the stress of staff members and parents because these people are most overworked and they also required alleviation.

Medical clowning involves huge dedication. If a child is undergoing heart surgeries then clown have to be present every time. The concept of medical clowning is not new to India. Hippocrates also uses clown while treating the patients. Medical clowns are famous all over the world. Europe, Israel, Canada, USA have embraced medical clowning. The concept of medical clowning is broader than laughter. This concept is evolved even in the villages as well.

Medical clowning has proved successful all over the world. Pediatrics and doctors are getting positive outcomes with medical clowning. When children or patients are too panic about their surgery then clowns relieving their stress and build trust among them that they will be fine. This concept builds the trust among clowns and doctors as well because the doctors are treating the person which is ready to be treated. It makes a huge difference for a doctor when the patient is ready for the treatment psychologically.

One study showed that due to clown therapy children’s need for anesthesia has reduced.

Medical clowns are well-trained professionals. There is a full-time academic training program for medical clowns at the University of Haifa in Israel. Clowns recognized the physical and mental state of each patient and provide therapy as per patient’s requirement.

The crux is medical clowning revitalize the energy level among children and their parents. Especially the ambiance of oncology departments and emergency wards of hospitals are too scary. This therapy brings the waves of joy and happiness among patients, staff and families.

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